Bamboo is one of the oldest plants in the world and has the outstanding physical characteristics of a hi-tech material. Its wealth of different facets and its ecological advantages are unbeatable.


Bamboo Flooring is an attractive alternative to hardwood floors as the product is sourced from the forests of a fully sustainable, environmentally friendly, and rapidly growing renewable resource. Naturally self-generating, bamboo grows to maturity within five years and is regarded as the strongest wood plant on earth. With forest resources under continued environmental pressure, Thus you are able to expect a surface which lives through its own characteristic grain, which is totally professional and can be handled without any compromise, and which gives your own personality to any room, guaranteeing your enjoyment and well-being.





Natural bamboo

 Brownsugar bamboo



Stonewood bamboo

Champaign bamboo



Chocolate bamboo

Coffee bamboo


Merlot bamboo